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Janice Billie - Founder of SeminoleArt


Janice Billie was born in 1957 in Miami into the Seminole Bird Clan. Janice, her parents and three siblings spent their early years living in Mus Isle and Tropical Paradise where Janice was frequently photographed by tourists which helped develop not only her social skills but also began her lifelong appreciation of their Native American arts and crafts.

In the following years the family moved to the Big Cypress Reservation where Janice`s mother, Sadie Cypress founded the family store at Big Cypress Landing.


Janice’s life took winding turns, some positive and some negative. But she met her first mentor, an Art Teacher at 19 when she started to take classes, where she found she had a natural talent for drawing and painting. From then on, she was drawn to the magic of art which has continued to be a major influence throughout her life.


Janice became the Editor of the Seminole Tribune and helped run the family store, which combines a local well known, local restaurant, Handmade Art and Crafts Shop as well as groceries.


Janice was inducted as a Board Member of ArtSpring, an art based outreach program for women incarcerated. Being invited to help mentor these women is something that rarely occurs. It is a great tribute to Janice and her mission to give back to others.


Janice who loves to paint and draw, even with her limited personal time, took studio space in 2009 to 2010 and joined with other artists at ‘For Art Sake”, a gallery for displaying and teaching art classes in Hollywood, Florida. Janice won awards for her paintings at Tribal fairs.


Janice continued to dream of doing her bliss and in May 2017 she was the founder of the Seminole Art Studio in Hollywood. This art studio is influenced by the strength, culture and lifestyle of the Seminole Indians and their heritage.

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Debbi Becker – Artist in Residence


Debbi Becker is a native of Miami and currently lives in Hollywood Florida.

Debbi has been actively working as an Artist in various locations in Florida since 2006.


She has been the Co-Founder of two Art Studios/Galleries

as well as Artist in Residence.  She continues to have

various exhibits and workshops.


Debbi was and continues being instructed and guided in her art from two well known artists in Florida (Pablo Constrisciani and Louise Freshman Brown) since 2006, including a workshop in Venice, Italy with Louise.


Debbi has many collectors and continues to sell her work as well as contribute to non- profit organizations. Her work has been in several South Florida venues and her collage of

“The Meditating Women” was chosen in 2013 to be shown

in Ocean Drive’s first on-line Magazine SCOPE. 


Debbi’s has had exhibitions of her work “ALCHEMY” at Gallery 2014 in Hollywood, which opened on February 28, 2014 through March 2014 and at several Art Serve exhibits relating to social issues and “art used for therapy”.  Debbi's last exhibit of work titled, "Exposed Essence", was January- Feb 2016 at Gallery 2014. 


Debbi worked with different practitioners and Dr. George Munoz of the OASIS Institute doing “Art as Therapy” to assist in MIND/BODY Integrative Medicine from Sept 2014 through Sept 2015. 


Debbi was a member of Art Serve, SFAA, and a Contributor and Artist Member of “The Artful Activist” Group of Miami.


Her Activist work is exhibited (vest) in Miami Museum.

Today Debbi is full time Artist in Residence for Seminole Art in Hollywood.


Debbi continues to teach workshops or private lessons.

Additional details of BIO/CV can be found on Debbi's website

Original  Artwork - Influenced By Strength, Culture and Lifestyle

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